Saturday, January 4, 2014

Woman of inspiration - house tour gem

The fabulous Gloria Garrett

During the Snowflake Tour of Charles Village in Baltimore, MD, I met a very vibrant and inspirational artist at the very first stop that we made on the tour.  Gloria Garret's home is filled with her folk art, and her guided walking tour through the apartment made a lasting impression on me and just made me smile.

Every nook and cranny offered something to examine.  Her enthusiastic "What do you think this is made out of?  Go on touch it!" made for a most educational and interactive tour.  Her art is made with recycled and reclaimed materials; the origins of some more obvious and others unrecognizable because of their transformation.  She started creating art as a young child, but found she was allergic to regular paints so switched to using non-traditional supplies.  She uses makeup, like lipsticks, nail polish, eyeliners and shadows as well as office supplies such as highlighters, white out, markers and pencils for providing color to paintings.  For her wall hangings and sculptured art, she also uses cardboard tubes, packaging, scrap fabrics, bags and lots of other things that people would throw away - creating beauty out of trash.  Visit her website for more information about her and her artwork.

She served us refreshments at the conclusion of the tour.  A similar recipe to her vegan cookies can be found here.  Because of Gloria and her husband, Ben, this was the gem of the house tour for me.

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First snowfall of 2014 in Maryland

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