Thursday, July 5, 2012

Jam Exchange 2012

My garden is in full swing for the summer.  Hopefully this year's crazy hot temperatures and freak violent storms will still allow for an ample harvest this season. In anticipation of the upcoming abundance of cucumbers, squash, beans and tomatoes, I've joined the 2012 Jam Exchange sponsored by ::Steph Chows::  :: steph chows ::: Jam Exchange 2012  Participants are paired and agree to send their partner a total of 1 quart of homemade preserves by a set date.  I'm really looking forward to sharing my garden bounty with my assigned partner and sampling someone else's culinary creative endeavors.  If you can, pickle or preserve (or are planning to learn this summer), come join in the fun at the link above. I've already started the canning party and some of the fruits (pun intended :o) of my labor are pictured below.

Raspberry-rhubarb jam from 2012 harvest and balsamic-maple reduction

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