Thursday, April 20, 2017

Spring in the garden


Uncovering the winter garden is always a surprise.  Some years are better than others, but there is always something that makes it through the winter tucked under hoops covered by garden fabric and plastic.  This year, there is spinach, flat leaf and curly parsley, carrots, and a few onions.  Of course, the mint always seems to survive no matter what happens, and there are always plenty of weeds.

Spinach harvested for a salad

Repairs have been made to the beds, and I'm looking forward to refreshing the soil in preparation for planting.  This year, I'm trying a different mix to refresh the beds inspired by Jake Mace's soil mix video.  I'll be topping off the beds with a mix of compost, coconut coir (a substitute for peat moss to help retain moisture and save the endangered peat bogs!), azomite trace mineral dust, and worm castings.

This year, I didn't have a chance to start my own seedlings indoors because my studies in a graduate program and work have kept me busy.  I opted to order some seedlings online ( and, and I'll get a few more from the local garden center and health food store.  Even just a few years ago, if you wanted to plant heirloom varieties, you had to start from seed.   Although you can't beat the variety of heirlooms available as seeds, there are increasingly more choices being offered as seedlings these days.

I look forward to sharing this year's garden adventures with you.

Thanks for reading!

Carrots, flat leaf and curly parsley survived the winter in raised beds under covered hoops