Monday, September 17, 2012

Late Summer Garden

Lavender in the morning light

The days are getting shorter and a little cooler, but the garden continues to soak up every bit of warmth to put out the last of summer's garden goodness.  I took advantage of the light one cool morning to capture some of the garden's beauty.

Carrot ready to harvest

Raspberries to be made into syrup
(except I ate these because they were just too tempting)

A beautifully unblemished eggplant
 (you can see that the bugs have been munching on the leaves) 

Citrus scented geranium and lavender
(Weeding is a pleasure in this spot because each motion fills the air with a heavenly scent)

Ingredients collected for pasta sauce canning

After enjoying the morning taking in the garden views, I enjoyed canning a small batch of spicy pasta sauce before heading to the local garden center to get supplies to prep the garden beds we will be using for fall planting. It's time for planting cool weather loving vegetables like lettuces, radishes, green,cabbages, and garlic...and it's time for colorful mums!

Mums - a sure sign that fall is on the way.

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