Sunday, January 20, 2013

Winter Garden

Carrots and cilantro from the winter garden

I took advantage of some of the warmer weather during the previous week to check on my winter garden.  There are all kinds of greens and lettuces growing snugly in their fabric covered tunnels and I snapped a few photos while I gave the garden a quick watering and harvested a few batches of greens for last week's recipe of salad with vegan feta and also pulled some carrots and cilantro for another meal of Asian noodle salad.

 Salad greens with lots of arugula

 Spinach and lettuces

Bok choi 

 Asian greens for stir fry

 A jungle of leeks and fennel

A bed of cilantro ready for winter soups and salads

I hope these photos added a little brightness to your winter day.  The seed catalogs are filling the mailbox and it will soon be time to plan this year's garden.  

Thanks for reading!

Austrian Heirloom lettuce (Forellenschluss variety)

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