Sunday, February 24, 2013

How I Get Things Done

I'm a list maker...without a doubt.  I have daily to-do lists, yearly goals, project lists, grocery get the idea.  These lists help me focus and bring me back on track when I get distracted.  They also help keep me organized so I have everything that I need to complete a project or work towards a long-term goal.  I use a blend of techniques and tools to keep everything orderly so I don't have to remember it all.  This frees me up to think creatively about how to accomplishthe projects and tasks on my lists. Here are some references:

If you like to make lists:
Getting Things Done by David Allen - a detailed method so you can be the most productive at whatever you want to do
Planner Pad - flexible calendar system
Tranquility du Jour Day Book - art filled pink planner to help you organize all aspects of your life
Idea Mapping - non-linear list making

If you are of the mindset that no goals are the best route try:
Zen Habits - the best goal is no goal

Tools for keeping my life organized:
Evernote - an electronic tool to make your own personal reference library that can be synchronized on your computer, smart phone and online so you have access to your information anywhere you need it.
Instapaper - saves webpages you want to read for later

Goal setting tools:
Vision boards - a way to get your dreams from your head into a visual format

Hopefully you'll find a tool that will make getting things accomplished a bit easier for you.  If you have a favorite tool, reference or tip that helps you stay organized, share it below in the comments.

Thanks for reading!

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