Sunday, April 14, 2013

Spring Garden and Inspirational Garden Talk

Pea shoots

Spring is finally here to stay!  Between dodging slushy snowfall a couple of weeks ago and below freezing nights to our over 90F/32C weather this week, the raised beds are finally prepped and the spring seedlings and seeds are finally planted.  Fingers crossed that we have a few weeks of regular spring temperatures to get everything growing nicely.  I'm happy to be planting some favorites including:  tomatoes of every kind, peas, limas, long beans, herbs, peppers, greens galore and eggplant to name a few.  I'm also really looking forward to some new additions to the garden this year:  figs, garlic (some from my neighbor's really flavorful stock), rhubarb and a few new rose varieties.

Here are a few pictures of the start of this year's garden.

New rhubarb plants

Raspberry bushes sending out new leaves

A happy cilantro plant that overwintered in a garden tunnel

For a little extra garden inspiration, watch the 10 minute video below from a presentation about guerrilla produce gardening from  (NOTE:  I'd give this a PG for a few expletives towards the end of the segment.)  If you haven't checked out before, you will find amazing presentations and lectures on all kinds of topics for free.

I hope you are inspired to plant something - no matter if it's in a pot on a sunny window sill or in your local community garden plot.

Thanks for reading!

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Cherry blossoms in our front yard

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