Friday, July 19, 2013

Garden tour - part 1 - edibles

The garden had become a jungle thanks to weeks of rain (corn, beans and melon)

I'm recovering from a computer hard drive failure.   While my computer was away being repaired, I entertained myself taking photos of my garden and of some of my neighbors during my walks with the dog.  I have so many photos to share, it's going to be a two-part series.  This episode features snapshots of the edibles.

 Red cabbage (as you can see some bugs have been enjoying some of the outer leaves, but luckily there is plenty to share)

Sweet peppers on their way to becoming orange 

 Red (one day soon) bell peppers

 Heirloom moon and stars watermelon (I never seem to have much luck with them, but I keep trying)

Squash blossoms amid the rosemary

 Sage leaves

 A tripod covered in Asian long beans grown from seeds from my gardening friend from China

 Cucumbers overgrowing the red onions - instant salad!

French muskmelon (there must be 20 scattered throughout the garden as they are loving all the rain we've had.  It's going to take a bit of creative exploration to find enough recipes for smoothies, jams, pickles and salads to make use of all of these.)

 Italian globe and Asian eggplants (eggplant veggie burgers in the making!)

 German heirloom large cherry tomatoes

 Pink heirloom tomatoes 

 Zucchini squash (zucchini noodle bowls and Asian salads galore!)

I hope you enjoyed the tour of my vegetable garden gone jungle.  The next installment will feature some of the beautiful flowers that have been blooming.

Thanks for reading!

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Melons, long beans, corn plus raspberries and tarragon to the right

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