Wednesday, August 28, 2013

A trip to summer camp

Scenes from Tranquility Summer Camp

I recently returned from Tranquility Summer Camp - a creativity and yoga retreat in West Virginia.  I had a chance to refill the well of inspiration during yoga, a hike in the woods that led to meditation on a mountaintop, art sessions, journaling and campfire time in the evenings.  My creativity bug was tickled during a mixed media art workshop with Mary Catherine Starr, hand-tied mala making with Carol Meyers and conversations with the other campers and hosts.   We all had great resources to share so here are some for you to explore:

Keeping life organized:

If you love lists the way I do, you’ll find Trello helpful in keeping you and your projects on track.  It’s like having an electronic whiteboard.  I use it just for myself, but you can also have multiple people use it for group or family projects.  I use it as a complement to Evernote (an electronic filing cabinet) which I mentioned in a previous post.

To read:

This was my reading selection for my free time during the retreat. 

Product Details
The Art of Non-Conformity:  Set Your Own Rules, Live the Life You Want, and Change the World

Being mindful:

We watched this video during the retreat:

For the next month or so, my creativity will be channeled into preserving produce from the garden for it is full-blown harvest season.  If you have any family favorite recipes that call for tomatoes, send them my way.

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Summer harvest

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