Monday, December 23, 2013

Winter garden: photos and a podcast interview

Bok choy

This past weekend just after the winter solstice, we experienced amazingly balmy temperatures in the 70 degrees F range breaking records for the high for the day all over the Washington, DC area that were set nearly 100 years ago.  I took advantage of this rare opportunity to spend time outside in shirt sleeves and finish some end of the season maintenance that I never quite go around to earlier including: removing the expired fall peas along with their supports and garden cover, pulling out a few remaining stumps from my first crop of sorghum and tending to the compost heap.   

I also took a peek under the covered tunnels to see how things were making out and snapped a few photos to share below.  Serendipitously, a podcast interview on gardening I did with Kimberly Wilson for Tranquility du Jour earlier in the fall was aired this weekend on her site.  Kimberly is so creatively inspirational and I'm honored that she asked me to talk about one of my favorite pastimes. Give a listen and also check out all her other sparkly musings.  

Rainbow Swiss chard on track for spring harvest

Brussels sprouts also in progress for spring harvest

Carrots ready for harvest

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Christmas cactus

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  1. You were fabulous on Mrs. Kimberly's podcast. I want to go out an get my garden grow on-you are inspirational! But alas, it is frozen solid out there. Sigh. So to seed catalogs to dream and ponder what is to come... Can't wait to see what grows, here and on your blog!