Wednesday, April 30, 2014

What grows in an early spring garden?

Spinach and baby lettuces

Spring has finally settled in to stay.  We still have some very cool days and chilly nights mixed in with some spectacular weather days of clear blue skies with fluffy white clouds.  It's still a little too cool outside for me to want to chance putting out my summer vegetable seedlings.  Even under row covers, some nights are just too cold for heat loving plants like tomatoes, squash and peppers that are just starting out.  So they continue to grow in their soil blocks in the bay window under the lights for another week or two.

While I wait for the warm temperatures to be more consistent, I thought you might enjoy a peek at how things are going in the garden both inside and out.

 This spinach is ginormous!  It's amazing what a little compost and a covered hoop tunnel will do to help overwinter plants and get them off to an early start.

 Seedlings coming along in soil blocks including: cabbage, basil, dill, artichokes and tomatoes.

Making larger soil blocks for the growing tomato seedlings at my reclaimed vintage sink turned potting table.

Larger blocks ready for the tomato transplants.  The post on making soil blocks can be found here.

Squash, tomato and sunflower seedlings that graduated to the larger soil blocks a couple of weeks ago.

While I wait to move everything outside, I'll be exploring ways to use my ginormous spinach harvests for breakfast, lunch and dinner.  What's your favorite way to eat your spinach?  I'd love to hear about it in the comments below.

Thanks for reading!

 A close up of some baby salad greens

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Pea shoots

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