Sunday, May 8, 2016

Mother's Day

My mother's Julia Child yellow rose blooming in my garden

As I contemplate Mother’s Day this year, it is with a bit of sadness as it is the first one since my mother’s passing a few months ago.   I still reach for my phone to text her ,“Mom, you won’t believe what I just saw!” or to send a photo of an art project I’ve been working on or show her the progress in the garden. 

 My lovely neighbor gave me a beautiful yellow rose bush named after Julia Child for my garden to commemorate my mother’s life.  She gave it to me because my mother liked yellow roses.  She had no idea that my mother and I watched Julia’s cooking show on PBS together for years when I was growing up or that I endlessly watched the cooking channel with her the last time I saw her when she could no longer get out of bed as cancer had sapped her strength.   Any time I start to miss her, I only have to look out the window and see the pretty yellow blooms open to the sunshine to make me smile.  I smile at the thoughtfulness of my neighbor giving me a beautiful reminder of my mother.  I smile at the memory of my father giving my mother roses often: for Valentine’s Day, anniversaries and just because.  I smile for the times she and I spent enjoying Julia Child’s cooking shows and sharing our love of culinary adventures in the kitchen and at the table. 

Although I can't call her this year to wish her a Happy Mother's Day, in my heart my mother is forever holding my hand and encouraging me through the journey of life.   

Me and my mom on a stroll in Hof, Germany

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