Sunday, September 8, 2013

Cucumber-melon juice plus time saving workouts and 5 ingredient recipes

Late summer harvest

At this time of year, my evenings are filled with harvesting and prepping veggies and fruits from the garden (and a few from the farmer's market too).  I find it's fairly late by the time I get a chance to fit in some of my regular evening routine.   I've found a few time savers that have come in handy especially when I'm spending a good deal of time minding pots of simmering sauces and preserves.

Even if I only have a few minutes, I find that I can fit in a bit of my favorite activities so I don't miss out on them completely and lose momentum or inspiration.

Get your next meal on the table with ease

Delicious, healthy dishes that have only five ingredients each will have your next meal ready in no time at all from the Stone Soup website and blog.

Fitness program at home

The garden provides me with plenty of physical activity many days, but sometimes I am looking for a little more movement or stretching.  A husband and wife team have created  which has plenty of interval training videos that work for all fitness levels.  The videos are easily searchable by length of time, intensity, simple equipment needed, etc. and can be combined to create personalized workouts that fit your fitness or energy level and the amount of time you have available.  Access to the videos is free and there is plenty of variety to keep your workout from becoming boring.

Staying hydrated

Cucumber melon green juice from fresh produce from my garden (or market)

To take advantage of my bumper crop of melons and keep hydrated while I'm melting over the hot stove, I have been making plenty of this delicious green juice lately.

Cucumber-melon green juice

1 cantaloupe, seeded and rind removed
1 large cucumber, peel if not organic
2 carrots
3 large kale leaves

Put all the ingredients through a juicer and serve over ice.

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Sunflower in my garden

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